What is QWL week, who is involved, why organize a QWL week?

7 Jun 2022 | Health & well-being in the workplace

Have you ever taken part in or even organized a Quality of Life at Work Week? In this article, we’ll take a look at what QWL is, so that you can better understand what’s at stake and the benefits for your company.

What is QWL week?

Quality of Life at Work Week is a week organized by the Anact network (Agence Nationale pour l’Amélioration des Conditions de Travail) network in France. It invites all those involved in the company – managers, company directors, HR directors, occupational physicians, etc. – to find out about, exchange and discover best practices and concrete actions to be implemented within the company to improve working conditions.

It also enables companies to train employees and raise their awareness of well-being and quality of life at work, thanks to a series of workshops and presentations. The QWL week is a real opportunity to take a relaxing break and strengthen cohesion and team spirit in your company.

Each year, a theme is proposed by Anact, and this year’s theme is “in search of meaning at work”. It will be held from June 20 to 24, 2022, but you can organize a QWL week at any time of the year, according to your company’s rhythm and needs.

For this, you can contact us to make an appointment to help you organize your QWL week.

Who’s concerned?

Whatever their sector of activity, number of employees or length of service, all organizations are concerned by Quality of Life at Work Week. Indeed, taking action to improve conditions of well-being in the workplace concerns all employees of the same company. Regardless of seniority or level in the hierarchy. However, it can also be aimed at a more targeted population within the company, depending on its specific needs.

Setting up a QWL week requires organization. This should be initiated by Health & Safety Prevention managers or HR managers. Internal attention to employee well-being is a key to overall efficiency. This week will enable us to take concrete action to meet the needs and problems we have identified.


Why organize a QWL week?

As we have seen, Quality of Life at Work Week enables companies to train employees and raise their awareness of well-being and quality of life at work. It’s a time for exchanging ideas and reflecting on best practices, with the aim of making improvements within the company.

Taking action to improve quality of life at work has several objectives:

  • Reducing absenteeism and sick leave. According to a study commissioned by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO, absenteeism directly costs the Swiss economy CHF 4.2 billion a year. Companies where employees feel good tend to have lower absenteeism rates.
  • Reinforce individual commitment. It translates into a sense of belonging, shared values, active participation and the ability to surpass oneself. A better quality of life at work will strengthen and improve employee commitment.
  • Strengthen team cohesion.
  • Greater productivity. By improving well-being and reducing the difficulty of the job (physical and environmental constraints, work pace, etc.).
  • Reduce psychosocial risks.

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