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Physical health

MSD prevention, nutrition and sleep are the main levers for optimum health.
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Our training-action objectives


Preventing RSI


Prevent back pain


Improving workstation ergonomics and posturology


Fighting a sedentary lifestyle


Improve employee energy levels


Improve employees' cognitive performance


Reduce long-term sick leave


Improve employees' overall quality of life at work

Conference and workshop themes

MSD prevention

44% of employees monitored by our MSD expert suffer from pain higher than 7/10.

Preventing RSI

Raise your employees’ awareness of the factors that cause MSDs and the essential rules for preventing them.

Fighting a sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle kills more than smoking. Help your employees fight the disease of the century.

Prevent back pain

Adopt the right gestures and postures to prevent back pain. Adopt routines to relieve tension on a daily basis.

Gestures and postures - Manual handling and logistics

Depending on your sector of activity, train your employees to improve their daily movements and postures.

Gestures and postures - Ergonomics for the watchmaking industry

Depending on your sector of activity, train your employees to improve their daily movements and postures.

Gestures and postures - Drivers Sitting properly at the wheel

Depending on your sector of activity, train your employees to improve their daily movements and postures.

Gestures and postures - Handling people

Depending on your sector of activity, train your employees to improve their daily movements and postures.

Workstation ergonomics

For all office workers who suffer from poor posture and ergonomics at their workstations. Simple adjustments can work wonders.

Ergonomics for teleworking

Teleworking can improve the quality of life of employees if the rules of gestures and postures are respected with the equipment available at home…

Workstation analysis

An expert eye is what you need to characterize ergonomic risks, and propose effective improvements to working conditions.

Buying advice

We advise your purchasing team on how to buy better, thanks to advice from ergonomists in the field.


Building your TMS approach

HR, GMs, managers, we give you the tools you need to set up an effective system and make it sustainable.

In short, to deal with MSDs, we can help you :


  • Analyze the situation: workstation analysis or musculoskeletal survey
  • Training and coaching your teams: improving workstation design, training in ergonomics
  • Improve existing equipment: make your purchasing department aware of ergornomic investments and help you select the best offers.
  • Supporting employees in distress: individual consultations and follow-up to facilitate a return to work


Poor eating habits can affect team productivity by up to 20%.

Eating well to optimize energy levels

Keeping your energy levels up and avoiding afternoon drowsiness can be a real challenge with an uncontrolled diet.

Optimizing concentration through diet

It’s all about adopting the right reflexes to improve concentration, mental clarity and cognitive abilities.

Nutrition and stress: anti-inflammatory reflexes to adopt

Supporting your body under stress is essential. Nutrition can be a real ally!

Eating well isn't rocket science!

Your employees will discover the basics of a healthy, vitalizing diet. In concrete terms, they will have the essential principles to know what to eat when.

Reading and understanding labels

Judging the nutritional quality of our food is essential, but labels aren’t all that clear. Our experts can help you sort it all out.

Quick and healthy meals at work

Your employees learn how to compose their own meals quickly and easily, while respecting the principles of healthy nutrition.

Prevent cardiovascular disease

A healthy heart … requires healthy nutrition. Your employees set up an optimal diet to prevent these diseases.

Snacks that are tasty but not sweet

Sugar can be fatal if consumed in excess or at the wrong time. Your employees will learn how to make healthy, gourmet snacks.


2/3 of the Swiss population suffer from sleep disorders. This increases the risk of accident 2-fold.

Optimize your sleep

Sleep is the basis of health and productivity. We teach your employees the basics of restful sleep.

Recovering from sleep debt

Sleep can be compromised when working shifted hours. Employees will learn effective sleep recovery techniques.

Sitting massages also help prevent RSI

Sitting massages are one of the most popular activities for your employees!

We offer full-day or half-day interventions on your premises as follows:

  • 20-minute massage
    massage per employee

  • Our ergonomic
    of our ergonomic chair

Your employees come as they are to release their tensions. We combine business with pleasure: relaxation with MSD prevention.

Individual consultations to complement our work on physical health

Individual consultations in ergonomics/posturology

Individual nutrition consultations

Individual consultations with our sleep specialists

Event communication

We can help you communicate your health and well-being at work program to maximize employee participation.

We set up a newsletter to raise awareness and maximize the participation rate of your employees.

Our results are concrete!


Our customers have renewed


Average employee satisfaction score

+ 4000

employees affected

We are your co-pilot for corporate health and well-being at work. We support you from A to Z. Here’s how.


1. Design of the personalized health prevention plan

We’ll find the right solution for your company’s specific needs. Our experts will recommend the most appropriate awareness/training plan.

2 - Mobilize our experts according to your needs and sector

We select the best experts according to your needs and sector. This guarantees the quality and efficiency of the system.

3 - Communicating the health prevention plan

We design tailor-made communication materials (emails, posters, etc.) to guarantee a high participation rate.

4 - Assessment of initiatives

We evaluate each training course with an anonymous questionnaire, and provide you with the results of all our surveys.


Our experts are selected with the greatest care. We arethe only ones in Switzerland to have a selection process that includes recommendations from other experts on the work of our experts.

Training recognized in Switzerland

100% positive customer feedback

Recommendations by other experts

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