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around physical, mental, relational and social health.
personal/professional life balance.

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Physical health

MSD prevention

Mental health & prevention of RPS

Stress management
RPS prevention

Relational health

Managerial leadership

Work-life balance

Time management

Teaching formats & methods

These 4 fundamental topics,
we send them via :


Short awareness-raising session with Q&A at the end. From 45 min to 1h30.

No maximum number of participants.


Further training in small groups. 1/2 day to several days of training.

Maximum 10 participants per group.

Individual coaching

Group or individual coaching.

Maximum 10 participants per group.

Teaching methods

Knowledge quiz

Sharing practices

Practical exercises, self-assessment exercises

Key points to remember

On-the-spot satisfaction questionnaire

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Why choose Samaé?

Selection and administrative management of experts

We select the best experts and coordinate their intervention in your company from A to Z: selection, interview, verification of diplomas, customer feedback…

Practical training

Our training courses focus on practical, concrete know-how that can be applied directly by your employees. Our experts are pragmatic and convinced that the best learning comes from doing.

Turnkey communication

We attach the utmost importance to the success of our initiatives. This success is reflected in the rate of participation in the actions implemented. Our turnkey communication tools make a major contribution to this.

Contents for further reading

To extend the impact of our synchronous actions, we provide you with asynchronous content and tools: infographics, videos, podcasts…

Satisfaction surveys

We measure the impact of each action and analyze employee satisfaction to help you make the right decisions.


Our dashboard simplifies follow-up: calendar, communication kits, etc. You can follow your program on your own.

Take care of what's dearest to you: your employees.

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