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Take care of what’s dearest to you: your employees.

Samaé is a Swiss training and coaching organization specializing in corporate health and well-being at work. We tailor our approach to your specific needs, so we invite you to contact us.

They talk about it


And other companies that have grasped the importance of employee well-being.

Why do they do it?

A happy happy is a high-performing successful for your company.

Less absent

More committed


More productive

We are your co-pilot for corporate health and well-being at work. We support you from A to Z. Here’s how.


1. Design of the personalized health prevention plan

We’ll find the right solution for your company’s specific needs. Our experts will recommend the most appropriate awareness/training plan.

2 - Mobilize our experts according to your needs and sector

We select the best experts according to your needs and sector. This guarantees the quality and efficiency of the system.

3 - Communicating the health prevention plan

We design tailor-made communication materials (emails, posters, etc.) to guarantee a high participation rate.

4 - Assessment of initiatives

We evaluate each training course with an anonymous questionnaire, and provide you with the results of all our surveys.

A preliminary survey is often essential to take stock of the situation and set up an effective system.

If you don’t have a clear picture of your employees’ needs, we strongly advise you to carry out a survey.

Our expertise is multidisciplinary

Physical health

MSD prevention

Mental health & prevention of RPS

Stress management
RPS prevention

Relational health

Managerial leadership

Work-life balance

Time management


Short awareness-raising session with Q&A at the end. From 45 min to 1h30.

No maximum number of participants.


Further training in small groups. 1/2 day to several days of training.

Maximum 10 participants per group.


Group or individual coaching.

Maximum 10 participants per group.

Our quality experts are rigorously selected.

Among them …


People you can trust


Professional coaches

Our experts are selected with the greatest care.

We arethe only ones in Switzerland to have a selection process that includes recommendations from other experts on the work of our experts.

So the quality of our work is guaranteed!

Training recognized in Switzerland

100% positive customer feedback

Corporate experience

Recommendations by other experts


Ergonomist and posturologist

20+ years’ experience

Olivier is an ergonomist and posturologist with a
a unique approach to preventing disorders
musculoskeletal. A former head of consulting at the University Institute of Occupational Health in Lausanne, he has successfully worked with over 150 companies in Switzerland.


Leadership coach

25+ years’ experience

A trainer and coach specializing in managerial leadership and change management, Olivier has himself been a leader and senior executive in major companies. Today, he supports dozens of Swiss companies, passionately passing on his experience and pragmatism.


Person of trust (ASPCE©)

25+ years’ experience

Véronique has a wealth of experience as a specialist in human resources and employment law. She also has proven expertise in psycho-social risk prevention, conflict prevention and management, and mediation. She always intervenes with professionalism and discretion.

Our results are concrete!


Our customers have renewed


Average employee satisfaction score

+ 4000

employees affected


Offer the best to your employees


These workshops are very well organized! We’re lucky enough to be able to take part.


Very interesting conference on stress management, thank you.

Why choose Samaé?

Selection and administrative management of experts

We select the best experts and coordinate their intervention in your company from A to Z: selection, interview, verification of diplomas, customer feedback…

Practical training

Our training courses focus on practical, concrete know-how that can be applied directly by your employees. Our experts are pragmatic and convinced that the best learning comes from doing.

Turnkey communication

We attach the utmost importance to the success of our initiatives. This success is reflected in the rate of participation in the actions implemented. Our turnkey communication tools make a major contribution to this.

Contents for further reading

To extend the impact of our synchronous actions, we provide you with asynchronous content and tools: infographics, videos, podcasts…

Satisfaction surveys

We measure the impact of each action and analyze employee satisfaction to help you make the right decisions.


Our dashboard simplifies follow-up: calendar, communication kits, etc. You can follow your program on your own.

In short, you delegate to us the complete management of preventive health care for your employees.


A comprehensive offering


Quality experts


Management from A to Z

Not convinced?

Acting on health in the workplace means …

Improve the quality of life at work

Become a champion of quality of life at work.

Strengthen your employer brand

Innovative corporate wellness offers can make all the difference in attracting and retaining talent.

Improve internal communication

Use well-being as an internal communication tool to create cohesion and social links between employees who never meet.

Increase employee commitment

Develop corporate well-being as a vector for interpersonal communication and employee involvement.

Develop a strong corporate culture

Strengthen your sense of belonging by federating your teams with a qualitative corporate well-being offer...

Make well-being a competitive advantage

Boost your company’s performance by improving the well-being of your employees.

Here’s how it goes:

1 - Contact

Get in touch with a member of the Samaé team.

2 - Exchanges

Description of the context and your problem.

3 - Proposal

Samaé service proposal and quotation.

4 - Launching

Deployment of the Samaé offer internally to your teams.


How do I request a quote?

Click on any of the action buttons above or contact us at hello@samae.ch

Where do the services take place?

Online, on your premises or off-site.

How long does each type of service last?
  • Workshops/Training: from half a day to several days
  • Awareness conference: 45 min to 1h30

However, we adapt to every request.

What's the difference between workshop & conference?

A conference serves to raise collective awareness. A workshop allows you to put what you’ve learned into practice.

What are the service prices?

Click on the action button below or contact us at hello@samae.ch.