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The survey is really top notch and if things are set up in the future, this would be really great!


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Global surveys

Do you want to set up a healthcare system but don’t know where to start?

Start with a satisfaction survey or solutions survey.

Thematic surveys

Have you defined a priority and would like more information on your employees’ needs?

Opt for the TMS survey for physical health and/or JSA for mental health.

Global surveys

Satisfaction survey

Overall assessment of employee health and well-being.

This type of survey is designed to assess the

employees’ perception of their overall quality of working life

including job satisfaction, physical and mental well-being, and work-life balance.

It was drawn up by experts in Quality of Life at Work.

It assesses 5 dimensions:


Relationship with the manager


Work relations


Relationship to the organization


Team relations


Relating to oneself

Solutions survey

This survey allows you to :


Ask for their opinion on the solutions to be implemented and involve them actively in the process.


Implement an effective strategy that meets a need in the field.


Field survey based on exchanges with over 100 Swiss companies.

Our results are concrete!


Our customers have renewed


Average employee satisfaction score

+ 4000

employees affected

Thematic surveys

Employee survey: JSA Job Stress Analysis


Scientifically validated Swiss health promotion questionnaire


Measuring employee stress levels using the concept of constraints and resources


Partial financing of CHF 3,000 possible

Musculoskeletal survey

This survey allows you to :


Know who's in pain where, how much, and to what extent the pain is (subjectively) associated with the work.


Design an effective ergonomic program tailored to your employees' needs


How does it work in practice?

1. Preliminary interview

With HR/DRH and our team to fully understand your needs

2. Customization

A questionnaire tailored to your company’s specific needs

3. Installation

Survey technique and preliminary tests

4. Communication

Launch to announce the survey and broadcast

5. Results

Analysis and presentation of results and recommendations.

Why choose Samaé?

Selection and administrative management of experts

We select the best experts and coordinate their intervention in your company from A to Z: selection, interview, verification of diplomas, customer feedback…

Practical training

Our training courses focus on practical, concrete know-how that can be applied directly by your employees. Our experts are pragmatic and convinced that the best learning comes from doing.

Turnkey communication

We attach the utmost importance to the success of our initiatives. This success is reflected in the rate of participation in the actions implemented. Our turnkey communication tools make a major contribution to this.

Contents for further reading

To extend the impact of our synchronous actions, we provide you with asynchronous content and tools: infographics, videos, podcasts…

Satisfaction surveys

We measure the impact of each action and analyze employee satisfaction to help you make the right decisions.


Our dashboard simplifies follow-up: calendar, communication kits, etc. You can follow your program on your own.

Take care of what's dearest to you: your employees.

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