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Mental health and prevention of RPS

Reducing stress in the workplace and preventing RPS
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Our training-action objectives


Preventing psychosocial risks


Improve stress management at work (mental, physical and emotional)


Improving employees' mental health


Developing employee resilience in a changing environment

Conference and workshop themes

Managing stress at work

Understanding the mechanisms of stress is essential to reducing it. With a practical approach, we raise your employees’ awareness of prevention.

Reduce stress by developing emotional intelligence

Your employees will discover emotional management tools that are extremely useful in stressful situations.

Reduce your mental workload

Your employees will learn to reduce their mental workload, one of the main causes of stress.

Reducing stress with the body

Simple techniques to reduce the physiological stress response during the working day.

Preventing burn-out

Identify the early signs of burn-out and develop personal resilience strategies to prevent it.


Preventing psychosocial risks

Intended for members of governing bodies and managers, so that they know how to instigate and steer an RPS prevention approach.


Managing interpersonal conflicts

We give you the tools you need to resolve tensions effectively and express yourself constructively.


Detecting and supporting burn-out in your team

Spot the first signs of burn-out in your team and develop the right posture to prevent it.


Developing resilience to stress

Adapting to change and coping with stress calmly and serenely is possible by developing resilience. You’ll see how.


Dealing with aggressive customers

Train your staff in practical communication techniques to deal with aggressive customers calmly and objectively.


We can mobilize a support person

Listen to

  • Offer help and support to any complainant or to someone seeking advice on behalf of a colleague.
  • Individual, confidential interviews with people who are suffering at work, or who feel they are victims of conflict, psychological and/or sexual harassment, or other situations, at their request.
  • Offer a sympathetic, high-quality ear so that the applicant can freely express his or her difficulties and suffering, and describe the situation he or she is facing.
  • Offer a quality, non-judgmental listening space.
  • Establish a relationship of trust with employees and guarantee confidentiality and anonymity.


  • Help the person to clarify the context as a whole (the why behind the suffering or conflict).
  • Identify needs and available resources.
  • Inform the person about the organization’s policy and legal provisions.
  • Advise the employee and inform him or her of the means available to put an end to the violation of personality, psychological and/or sexual harassment.
  • Follow up on the measures put in place with the person and ensure that the conflict is resolved.


  • Referral to other resources (HR, personal coach, work psychologist, doctor, support networks, etc.)
  • Intervene with the respondent with the complainant’s agreement.
  • Offer mediation to the person seeking help and the person being challenged.
  • Intervene with management and HR to find a solution with the complainant’s agreement.
  • Propose to management the necessary measures to put a stop to psychological and/or sexual harassment or attacks on personality.


  • Participate in the implementation of a psychosocial risk prevention and management policy adapted to the company, and provide information on this policy and legal provisions.
  • Inform, raise awareness and/or train managers and employees, encourage discussion and ensure that everyone feels protected by the measures implemented by the employer.
  • Organize regular status updates and/or present a brief annual statistical report to management on trends in situations encountered (under cover of confidentiality and anonymity of complainants).


Person of trust (ASPCE©)

25+ years’ experience

Véronique has a wealth of experience as a specialist in human resources and employment law. She also has proven expertise in psycho-social risk prevention, conflict prevention and management, and mediation. She always intervenes with professionalism and discretion.

Individual consultations to complete our intervention on mental health and prevention of RPS.

Individual consultations with a support person

Individual consultations with our stress management specialists

Individual consultations with our psychologists

Event communication

We can help you communicate your health and well-being at work program to maximize employee participation.

We set up a newsletter to raise awareness and maximize the participation rate of your employees.

Our results are concrete!


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+ 4000

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We are your co-pilot for corporate health and well-being at work. We support you from A to Z. Here’s how.


1. Design of the personalized health prevention plan

We’ll find the right solution for your company’s specific needs. Our experts will recommend the most appropriate awareness/training plan.

2 - Mobilize our experts according to your needs and sector

We select the best experts according to your needs and sector. This guarantees the quality and efficiency of the system.

3 - Communicating the health prevention plan

We design tailor-made communication materials (emails, posters, etc.) to guarantee a high participation rate.

4 - Assessment of initiatives

We evaluate each training course with an anonymous questionnaire, and provide you with the results of all our surveys.


Our experts are selected with the greatest care. We arethe only ones in Switzerland to have a selection process that includes recommendations from other experts on the work of our experts.

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