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Organize customized health event days at your company

You'd like to bring your employees together for company health and well-being days or weeks. We offer a wide range of activities.

Why organize health days at your company?

These days are key key events for companies wishing to improve the well-being and quality of life of their employees.

They invite all company playersemployees, managers, occupational physicians… to learn about, exchange and discover best practices and concrete actions to be implemented within their company to to improve working conditions.

They are also the starting point for setting up a health and well-being program within your company. In this way, they can be used to measure employees’ interest in a given theme and build a concrete annual action plan.

These days are an excellent opportunity to strengthen team cohesion while raising awareness of occupational health issues.


Each day or week is personalized. We’ll work with you to design a solution tailored to your company’s specific needs. We take care of :

Drawing up the event program

The choice and availability of speakers

Event communication

Measuring results with our satisfaction questionnaire

Our results are concrete!


Our customers have renewed


Average employee satisfaction score

+ 4000

employees affected

Successful workshops

Seated massage: the No. 1 workplace wellness activity.

This activity is very popular because it allows you to relax quickly and reduce muscular tension.

Conferences and workshops on stress management.

Gives employees practical tools to better manage their day-to-day stress.

Gestures and postures / ergonomics

Helps raise employee awareness of good health practices.

Nutrition consultations

Helps to raise employee awareness of the importance of a healthy, balanced diet.

Yoga and meditation

Relaxes the mind and reduces stress for your employees.

Muscle stimulation and stretching

Promotes team cohesion and motivation, while creating a more dynamic and friendly working environment.

Practical guide: Semaine de la Promotion de la Santé et du Bien-être en Entreprise (Health and Well-being Promotion Week in the Workplace)

Discover our tips for a successful Health & Wellness Promotion Week.

Why choose Samaé?

Selection and administrative management of experts

We select the best experts and coordinate their intervention in your company from A to Z: selection, interview, verification of diplomas, customer feedback…

Practical training

Our training courses focus on practical, concrete know-how that can be applied directly by your employees. Our experts are pragmatic and convinced that the best learning comes from doing.

Turnkey communication

We attach the utmost importance to the success of our initiatives. This success is reflected in the rate of participation in the actions implemented. Our turnkey communication tools make a major contribution to this.

Contents for further reading

To extend the impact of our synchronous actions, we provide you with asynchronous content and tools: infographics, videos, podcasts…

Satisfaction surveys

We measure the impact of each action and analyze employee satisfaction to help you make the right decisions.


Our dashboard simplifies follow-up: calendar, communication kits, etc. You can follow your program on your own.

Take care of what's dearest to you: your employees.

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