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Relational health

Better collaboration within the team and a better relationship with the manager.
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Our training-action objectives


Improving communication and collaboration


Fostering the development of leadership skills

Conference and workshop themes

Communicating effectively for better collaboration

Your employees will develop interpersonal communication skills.

Knowing and using the key levers of leadership

This training/coaching is essential for all managers wishing to become leaders.


Communicating under stress

Keeping your cool and communicating constructively becomes a real challenge under stress. Certain tools are essential to master.

Managing change

We train your managers to deal with resistance to change, and to communicate and motivate their teams.

Resolve conflicts constructively

Expressing your opinion assertively, without getting into a conflict, is quite an art. Our experts teach you the secrets of conflict prevention/resolution.

Communicating and motivating your team

Your managers effectively develop their communication skills with tools such as Process Communication, DISC, …


Individual consultations to complement our work on relational health

Individual coaching for managers

Event communication

We can help you communicate your health and well-being at work program to maximize employee participation.

We set up a newsletter to raise awareness and maximize the participation rate of your employees.

Our results are concrete!


Our customers have renewed


Average employee satisfaction score

+ 4000

employees affected

We are your co-pilot for corporate health and well-being at work. We support you from A to Z. Here’s how.


1. Design of the personalized health prevention plan

We’ll find the right solution for your company’s specific needs. Our experts will recommend the most appropriate awareness/training plan.

2 - Mobilize our experts according to your needs and sector

We select the best experts according to your needs and sector. This guarantees the quality and efficiency of the system.

3 - Communicating the health prevention plan

We design tailor-made communication materials (emails, posters, etc.) to guarantee a high participation rate.

4 - Assessment of initiatives

We evaluate each training course with an anonymous questionnaire, and provide you with the results of all our surveys.


Our experts are selected with the greatest care. We arethe only ones in Switzerland to have a selection process that includes recommendations from other experts on the work of our experts.

Training recognized in Switzerland

100% positive customer feedback

Recommendations by other experts

Corporate experience

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Work-life balance

Time management

Physical health

MSD prevention

Mental health & prevention of RPS

Stress management
RPS prevention

Take care of what's dearest to you: your employees.

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