5 habits to develop mental strength.

13 May 2022 | Mental health & prevention of RPS

Developing your mental strength within your company can have many positive effects on your work. Increase your self-confidence, manage stress better and face the challenges and obstacles you will encounter throughout your career. To have a strong mind, it’s important to know yourself and to learn that the mind is a very powerful thing.

Mental health is an integral part of corporate well-being (our No. 1 mission at Samaé), so it’s something we need to focus on. To help you in this process, discover in this article 5 habits to develop your mental strength.

Setting intentions

Intention is “the action of directing towards” a goal, a dream, an ideal. Whereas our thought system generally leads us to anticipate events in a negative way, here we tend to visualize what we want in a positive way.

To begin with, setting your intentions allows you to pause, take stock and question yourself. When setting your intentions, don’t be afraid to think big. Free yourself from that inner critic who keeps limiting you. It’s the start of a process that will never cease to amaze you.

Taking a mindfulness break

Studies show that we spend almost 47% of our waking hours thinking about something other than what we’re doing. In other words, many of us operate on autopilot. What’s the point of taking a mindfulness break? Be more efficient by getting rid of anything that clutters your mind and reduces your concentration. It’s all about setting aside a few minutes a day to de-stress.

So get into the habit of pausing to breathe in and out deeply about ten times. Making an appointment with yourself will help you strengthen your mind and your skills.

In our No Stress workshop on stress management and resilience, we teach corporate employees mindfulness meditation.

Increased self-confidence

Self-confidence means not being afraid to take action to achieve your goals. As we have seen in this article, developing your self-confidence will help you gain confidence and develop your charisma to become a better leader.

In short, to have a powerful mind is to have a high level of confidence and a blind belief that you control your own destiny. But also, never to be affected by competition or adversity, and to turn all difficulties into an opportunity to always go beyond the possible.

Create a visualization table

The “vision board” is a visual representation (images, photos, text, quotes) of the future you aspire to. It increases your chances of getting where you want to go, by regularly sending the brain the idea that that’s where you want to go. When you visualize something you want, you’re already setting yourself up to get it. This will help develop your mental strength.

For example, you could ask yourself what your dream professional situation will look like in x amount of time (by choosing the timeframe in which you imagine a change from your current situation). It has to be close enough for your actions today to have an impact on your future professional situation.

Then create a table by collecting the images that inspire you according to your vision. Leave this chart by your desk and take the time to look at it whenever you feel the need to visualize where you want to go.

Give yourself the right to fail

Developing mental strength means seeing failure as an opportunity for growth and improvement. Not as a reason to give up. You have to be prepared to keep trying until you succeed.

Despite all our mistakes, we have to take them as lessons and feedback to know where to go next and what to improve. The most important thing is to learn to let go of past mistakes and focus on what’s to come.

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