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Paulina est massothérapeute et professeur de yoga avec 12 ans d’expérience. Elle croit beaucoup à une approche holistique de l’être humain et elle propose des séances de massage thérapeutique et de travail corporel spécifiquement conçues pour la personne et ses besoins. Sa pratique mêle diverses techniques comme le Chi Nei Tsang, l’osthéopathie, la reboutologie, le massage Trigger Point, le Craniosacral. Une séance avec elle peut offrir une expérience profondément transformatrice. D’autre part, elle est aussi passionnée de yoga et propose des cours de yoga vinyasa, yin, hatha, yoga thérapeutique et yoga prénatal.

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Irènerecommande cette prestation- (5/5)
When I started regular sessions with Paulina, I was recovering from operation of both shoulders, which considerably affected the range of movement in my back. Thanks to Paulina’s help, I quickly recuperated shoulders stability and range of motion both my back and shoulders. I continue to come regularly, because it helps me a lot to maintain a good state of health and well-being. Paulina’s vast knowledge in many different techniques, dedication and desire to help people makes her an excellent therapist. She always takes care of the smallest detail so that the sessions are effective and the client feels satisfied. She also has very good intuition, always choosing the most appropriate techniques. Thanks Paulina!
Hannarecommande cette prestation- (5/5)
I received a couple of wonderful sessions of Chavutti (massage with a foot pressure) by Paulina. I feel attended and listened to, from a point of genuine attention and knowledge. Paulina masters the art of Chavutti and her caring presence make the experience even deeper. As practitioner and teacher of Chavutti myself, I feel totally confident to recommend her sessions.
Marta Casado, African dance teacherrecommande cette prestation- (5/5)
Paulina’s sessions transport me to a state of relaxation that I have never reached before. Her hands, slow and firm rhythm, the perfect pressure and softness of touch applied when necessary. For many years I suffered from chronic lower back and cervical pain because of herniated discs and previous injuries. Regular sessions with Paulina allowed me to free myself from the discomforts completely and reconnect again with my body.
Hanna Poikonen, Neuroscientistrecommande cette prestation- (5/5)
Paulina is my trusted therapist since 2014! This time we had two sessions to release pain in my lower back and upper chest. The treatments helped me a lot: her touch is so centered, delicate and deep at the same time as well as her guidance and instructions to connect with the quality of my own breath. I can tell the difference not only that the pain has gone, but also that the hips, the upper body and the chest are more free! In addition, Paulina has guided me to feel how the body, the breath and the emotions work together, as a unity. Now I have exercises to continue my practice at home. Many thanks Paulina!

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