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After years of practice in different sectors of the early childhood professions, Cécile Podvin, passionate about the psychomotor development of the child, naturally trained at the Master Coach of the International Institute of Geneva in order to acquire new and more specific knowledge concerning the psychological and emotional needs of the adult. Coaching favors an inner search specific to each individual while facilitating the liberation of brakes allowing a rapid change and an autonomy in the decision of action. Remember that the action creates the result. During a seminar in Geneva in 2015, Cécile discovered the new emotional release method CLEEN developed by Alain Cayrol, the founding father of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and a specialist in emotional intelligence. She was part of the very first class of people to be trained in this new method, which gives her today an expertise in emotional release and will allow you to be accompanied as closely as possible to your needs concerning your emotional and energetic blockages.

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